Never be beaten

Never be beaten

In this blog, I want to open up about the challenges I’ve faced throughout my life and how I’ve transformed them into positive experiences. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, such as bullying and abuse, I’ve chosen to cultivate empathy for others and refrain from judging them without knowing their stories. Never be beaten.

Reflecting on my darkest and most painful moments, I’ve learned to harness those emotions to help and heal others who find themselves in similar situations. My struggles to fit in at school, being the smallest and skinniest child with dyslexia and dyspraxia, subjected me to daily taunting from fellow students and even some teachers. The haunting memories of one particular teacher’s relentless bullying lingered for years.

From verbal insults to physical abuse, my childhood was marred by hardship. However, I firmly believe that these experiences have guided me on my spiritual journey. They have shown me that I now have an opportunity to speak out about my past, which in turn aids my own healing process. Many mediums and spiritual individuals have endured immense suffering in their lives, and I believe it is the aftermath of these hardships that propel us towards our destined paths.

Our souls have a purpose, and this life is an opportunity for us to gain experiences. The message I want to convey through this blog is that no matter the form of hardship you face, whether it be bullying, taunting, abuse, neglect, or any other challenge, you have the power to overcome it. Although it may seem daunting, never allow these individuals to control your life. Remember, karma will eventually catch up to them, and you will emerge as a stronger and better person in the end.