Fear of death and the spirit world

why should you fear the spirit world? 

Recently I had a client who came to me for a Mediumship Reading I was communicating with her loved ones in the spirit realm. She said to me I have a huge fear of death. I was quite shocked at what she said due to the fact that she was very happy to hear from her, loved ones in the spirit world and happy to receive all the messages, and all the information that I gave her after reassuring her that death is not the end. and that, when our time comes to an end in our earthly life, we return to the spirit realm where we came from. I’d like to share with anybody, feeling the same way who is scared of death with fear of what’s next to come. there is no need to do so. I often get asked.

– Is it the end?

– Will I see my loved ones again?

– What is it like in the spirit world?

– What will happen to those I’ll leave behind? 

– Will I be in pain?

– Will I be scared?

– Will I have regrets?

– How will I pass away? 

At the end of the day, death is unavoidable. We are all going to experience this, and it will happen to each and every one of us yes, indeed, we don’t know for sure what’s next to come, and even as a medium, I only understand certain aspects of what is in the spirit world, and I can only go by the experience of working as a medium, and also experience from what my guides have shown me. There have been a few clients I have had to have told me they fear death. I always reassure them and tell them:

– Our physical body dies, but our soul lives on

– We get all the help we need when we cross into the spirit world

– There is no pain

– There is no suffering

– We see our loved ones again 

It also intrigues me to work out why they’re afraid of death are we afraid of living? I suppose we could assume that there is nothing after we die no thought just darkness. I tried to prove to people daily that we live past death. Science itself is starting to prove that there is life beyond matter (life after death) it can also upset me sometimes when people choose to attack those who have faith or those who comfort those bereaved. I can understand if they don’t believe in something however, I don’t preach what I believe. I just try and help those who need help. 

How will I pass away?

We all came into this world, and we will have to go out of it at some stage whether we are old or young. Let’s make the most of the time that is given to us in this life. Even with the work that I do, I am never shown when or where someone will pass away. It is not for us to see or predict and I do believe that when your time is to go back to the spirit world, there is nothing that you can do to stop it. Understandably, it is difficult to comprehend leaving those behind whom we love and need. We will all meet again one day, and for those of us who are still left on the physical side of life (earthly life the life we live now)

What is it like in the spirit world?

I work very closely with the spirit world as I work with them within my aura, and I can honestly say the love and support that they show proves to me that the spirit world is full of love, forgiveness, peace, understanding, no pain, no suffering and not scary at all. they also live in a much faster vibration than we do,  for example, 1 day to us is the equivalent of about one month to them if not more. That’s why mediums and the spirit have to work very closely together to make the connection possible. I like to say that time is a man-made thing, as we are only here for a short period of time and that the spirit world is eternal.

When we first pass, we go into a place called reflection this is where we go to begin with before we pass into the spirit world. This is not a bad place at all, and for example, if somebody lived a very troubled life and decided to take themself over (suicide) they will be given all the help love and support that they need to come to terms with why they did what they did. There is no timeframe for how long you will be in reflection, some can be there for a few months, some for a few years. you make that journey into the spirit world when you are ready, Spirits are still able to communicate with a medium and communicate with their loved ones when they’re in reflection. 

What will happen to those I leave behind?

For those who are left behind understandably, we do worry about leaving them. However things like this will inevitably happen to us all whoever goes first, it’s not for us to decide. We always will meet again on the other side. Love never dies and neither do we sometimes we have to learn how to be strong and that goes for both the spirit world and our world. We need to be strong and hold our faith, and it does not matter if you’re a medium or not everybody suffers from grief. 

Will I have Regrets? 

What is there to regret? None of us are perfect and we cannot all do everything that we said we would in life. Understandably we often say and do things that we regret, and are not proud of. Can we forgive ourselves? I think we need to learn that we don’t always mean or realise the things that we say and do. Remember, there is no time in spirit as it is eternal so we have plenty of time to reflect on what we have experienced. 

In the spirit world, I believe there is plenty of reasoning and understanding and with the help that we have from other spirits and guidance that we have, we see things from a different perspective. For example, if we lived a very selfish life and had a family with children and decided to walk out one day and leave them, we have all the time to reflect on what we did and come to terms with the consequences of what that caused. It’s very often spirit comes through to apologise for what they did as they’ve had plenty of time to reflect on it, and I notice a huge change in them when they have been able to make that connection possible. Just as emotional as it can be for us it can also be very emotional for the spirit world.

Is it the end?

Our soul is eternal. There is no death to our conscience, and we come in and out of the physical world (the world we live in, earth) I believe we reincarnate many times and have many experiences here that’s how we learn. There is never an end only change. 

To all of you reading this blog I thank you for taking the time to do so, and I promise you everything I have stated here is from my own personal experiences and beliefs. Please do reach out to me if you feel you need to and remember do not fear death. There is no death only change. We leave our physical body behind and take only with us our soul and our soul lives on eternally. 

Thank you 

Our soul is eternal