How to store energy with Mediumship and spiritual healing

Within this blog, I talk about my experience with how Mediumship, healing and also psychic readings can make you extremely tired. I also explain how I have learnt to cope with tiredness and what you should do for your energy. So it can be stored and not used up throughout the working day whilst working with the spirit world. 

No matter what you do Mediumship and working with the spirit world can be extremely tiring. This does not matter how old you are or how long you have been doing readings for. This work can be extremely taxing. It is important to make sure you get as much rest at bedtime and also throughout the working day. Also rest between readings as much as you can. 

Why can mediumship be so tiring?

For the spirit world to connect through a medium, they have to use a lot of the energy of the medium. In order to make the communication possible. For example, they’re not in the same dimension as we are and for them to communicate. They have to slow their energy right down so that the medium and the spirit can communicate.

Some spirits are not as draining as others. And not all readings can make a medium feel as tired as others can.

You also need to bear in mind how some readings can affect the medium as it can be a very emotional experience for the medium. To be seeing some things that are very upsetting at times. Such as a child that passes at a very young age in a difficult circumstance. Or someone that takes their own life.

These situations can leave the medium feeling very drained emotionally and mentally and extremely tired. this is why I always talk about boundaries and how to not let readings affect the medium too much.

Time in the spirit world

The spirit world is in a much faster dimension as to what we are. For example an hour to us is the equivalent of about a second to them. This is why mediums work very quickly with the information that spirit will give them. Spirit gives the medium images in their mind or senses and sensations that they feel. 

Sometimes it can really feel like you’re doing a physical job as opposed to a mental job. At the same time both physical and mental jobs are tiring in both ways. And as Mediumship and psychic work is working in the mind, particularly with Mediumship you can really feel the effect that it has on your body. This is due to the spirit world using your auric field to make that communication.

Spirit needs to step into your auric field during the communication of Mediumship. In order for them to do so they have to use up your own personal energy. Because you are the medium that’s why it can be so draining.

Mediumship also uses up the magnesium in your body. Which is why I take magnesium supplements and also cod liver oil tables as they give you the supplements that you need. 

How to store and preserve your energy

It is important to take breaks throughout the working day. If you’re giving, for example, 3 readings in a day consecutively. You will need to take these brakes to clear out the energy from the previous client. Making sure that whoever you’ve been working with within the spirit world has left. You need to be in your own personal space with no spirit with you. It is important that you also.

– Eat properly: if you are hungry during the working day, then your connection to the spirit world will be very vague. Possibly not work well at all.

I can never work if I’m hungry at all. also eating the right kinds of foods such as your macronutrients and your greens respecting your body. All of this is a vital part of not only your everyday health but also your self-respect. 

– Sleep well: if you don’t get enough sleep and you’re extremely tired from the day before or from a difficult night that you’ve had then your mediumship and psychic ability will be affected because of it. 

– Meditation: having a clear and calm mind is vital in Mediumship and psychic readings. Feeling particularly stressed or worried about something it will really affect the readings that you give.

It is important to have some discipline in shutting out the rest of the world and going into your meditative Mediumship mind. You don’t necessarily need to open up all of your chakras. For example all you really need to do is close your eyes and just find your inner peace and calm.

– Taking breaks: being out in nature, reading, writing, gym and exercising, painting and drawing. Anything to get your mind out of Mediumship and giving yourself some time is very important. You cannot devote your entire life and time to spirit you need to have some time to yourself. Do things that you really want to do in life. If you do not then you will become very drained. 

– Boundaries: when the reading is over and the client has left the house or your Zoom or FaceTime meeting. You do not take their problems with you. The spirit has to leave and you have to give yourself a break from their energy and the spirit’s energy.

It’s always very important not to get too emotionally involved with your client’s problems and needs as you have your own yourself. 

Can clients drain you?

Just like the spirit world, some clients come with a lot of baggage. Such as a lot of problems they want to have solved and can have very heavy energies that you find tiring. some people are very desperate and the more desperate they are the more difficult it can be to read for them.

They don’t always mean to be that way however. Some people have lost very close loved ones who are very desperate to hear from them or want you to tell them what they want to hear. 

Once again boundaries as I’ve mentioned before are crucial. If you do not feel comfortable with a client you have your right to end the reading. They have to be a form of mutual respect. In sone cases if a client does not respect you or they make you feel completely inferior or uncomfortable then you have a right to end the reading. 


Healing is also extremely again it’s another form of energy and giving out healing such as:

– Reiki healing

– Angelic healing

– Shamanic healing

– Crystal healing

– Angelic Reiki 

– Chakra balancing 

– Psychic surgery

– Colour healing

– Sound healing 

There are many types of healing and these are to name but a few. They can be tiring as not only do the heaters give the healing. They also take away the negatives within that person that they are healing and again people can carry a lot of baggage such as things that they find very difficult to let go of.

When I became a Reiki Master back I think it was 2014. I noticed the shift in my work as I gave out the healing not only the messages from spirit. I also noticed a lot of my baggage that I found difficult to let go of.

Such as previous traumas that I’d experienced and things that I found very difficult to come to terms with I found it much easier to move forward. As I also feel that the healer also receives healing when they are giving the heating from the universe. 

What makes a good healer

To be a really good healer I do believe that you need to be a very good empath. experiencing for yourself traumas around your life. Not only physical pain but also mental traumas such as bullying and abuse.

I really believe that if you do not have these experiences then there is no way that you can help others. Helping them heal and cope with their grief and insecurities. Healing others also helps cure your own trauma and insecurities that you’ve developed from childhood onwards. 

If you’ve had a particularly difficult life caused by somebody else. Such as abuse and bullying then it really does not let them win. Giving help to others who are really in need of spiritual healing and empathetic work. It really proves that what does not kill you can only make you stronger. Showing you that there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it is. 

Psychic and tarot

Whilst working as a psychic, you are not linking directly with the spirit. You are linking mainly to your spirit guides and working with your intuition. This can also be a very tiring process. As you are also linking with the client’s aura which is where a lot of their energy is stored. 

Certain clients can be more draining than others. Also when people have a lot of baggage and do not want to move on from certain aspects of their life.

These situations can also drain you when you try and help them. Some clients can also be very closed down. This is really your job the psychic or medium to give them the support and confidence they need to move forward. 

Tuning into the auric field which is the field of energy that surrounds every single one of us. Inside it houses a lot of your information as to what is going on in your life. Also the way you’re feeling about yourself and towards others. This can be tiring and this is one place that often needs a lot of healing attention.

I have recently over the past year really learned how to work with the aura. Although I don’t see them I feel the outside of the field and work with it. 

Important boundaries

I speak a lot about boundaries and the importance they have in the work that I do. I’ve mentioned before about not getting too involved with the client’s personal lives and issues. Otherwise, I would have nothing else.

Grounding is a vital part of psychic and mediumship work. Grounding is the practice of connecting to the earth and the divine energy that surrounds us. It is a way to anchor and centre ourselves, finding stability and balance amid life’s chaos.

By grounding ourselves spiritually, we can release negative energy. Find peace and clarity, and feel more connected to our higher selves and the universe. This practice can help us feel more rooted, present, and aligned with our true purpose and path in life. The main thing about grounding also is learning to love ourselves for who we really are because if we do not there is no way we can help others.

Positive energy is what is needed in spiritual healing, Mediumship and psychic readings. Learning to love yourself, and get a full understanding of who you really are. It’s not always easy however it’s a task that can take a long time. Even years to come to an acceptance and more of an understanding of your soul’s purpose on Earth. 

Opening up

With every reading that I give. Particularly with Mediumship, I always make sure that I open myself up before the Reading takes place. Afterwards, I always make sure that I close myself down.

I always open myself up by asking my spirit guides, gatekeeper and angels to come close and work with me for the higher being and the spirits of the clients that are coming for the reading. Then proceed by opening all of my chakras like I’m going into a full meditation.

I make sure that I cleanse the house with white light energy from the spirit world and the angels. After that I send my thoughts and my prayers out for the clients that are coming to me so that their loved ones and friends in the spirit world confide and trust in me to be their medium. So that I can work with them and I have their permission to do so.

After I’ve done all of that, I will then go quiet for about 20 to 30 minutes and then I will call the spirit will forward for the client and then the reading begins. 

Closing down

When the reading is finished, I thank the spirit that’s worked with me for coming forward. Please ask them all to step back peacefully to the spirit world and then close all of my chakras. Calling in also the White light energy from the spirit world to cleanse me down and cleanse the house down.

Making sure that all the spirits have left and giving myself the cut-off point from working with my Mediumship so that nothing can stay with me and drain my energy. I always make sure of an evening before I go to bed I thank my guides and all of the spirit world for working with me that day and giving me the peace I deserve for doing their work. 

It is always important to do these routines and I found a way that works for me. If you feel like trying this out then please do go ahead with it as it always works for me. One of the biggest reasons people get drained with spirit is that they don’t have their cut-off. They are constantly open to other people’s energies and don’t know their limits or cut-off point.

We are only human at the end of the day and we can’t do too much only do our best for everybody else and give everything we possibly can to help.