Is the future fixed and everything set in stone?

Within this blog, I aim to give my own account of how I feel about the future and whether or not I believe that life is mapped out for us 100% or not from birth. From this, I share my knowledge and experience from my clients and validation from readings.

Is the future fixed?

I firmly believe that the future is not always 100% fixed and not everything is set in stone, our free will and determination is what is the cause of what the future will hold for us. We come into the world for specific reasons and important lessons for us to learn in order for our souls to grow. We have many reincarnations in the physical life (the world we live in) and through the complicated world that we live in I believe that there is always a reason behind everything that we encounter.

Imagine if the future was fixed:

Would we ever learn anything if our lives were 100% fixed and our future was mapped out for the day we were born? I highly doubt that we would even need to come into this world. There is so much that we can gain throughout our earthly existence, and I do believe that things are sent to try us and it’s how we deal and work with those issues that we grow in ourselves and our souls. Our lessons, challenges and above all choices that we make include:

  • love
  • hate
  • forgiveness
  • friendships
  • selfishness
  • selflessness
  • integrity
  • intuition

Is anything set in stone?

There however are readings that I give people when I feel very strongly that a client of mine is going to do something very specific and very meaningful with their life. I am able to see snippets of the future but also I am able to see how people’s decisions, hard work and free will can take them into their upcoming life.

I do believe that we are all here for our own personal and spiritual journeys whether we believe in it or not I don’t think anybody can deny the facts about life and the imprints that people leave on us that are good or bad. However when we put 100% effort into something that we really want it does not always work out for us and I really believe that’s because it is not always meant to be. Sometimes we fail to see what we really have rather than what we do not and are not always grateful for what we have.

It is also true that the things we really want to achieve and the goals that we really want to score in life we need to put into action ourselves. Nothing comes to us for free and we need to prove to the spirit world, universe and ourselves that we are worthy of what we want to achieve. This is one thing that I often tell my clients.


Reincarnation is the idea that it provides a logical explanation for the inequalities and injustices present in the world. The concept of karma, which posits that our actions in past lives determine our current circumstances, offers a framework for understanding why some people are born into privilege while others face adversity. For example, a person who has committed harmful actions in a previous life may be reborn into a less fortunate situation as a form of karmic retribution.

As I say we have many lives and we come back into the earthy life from the spirit world many times and always for a reason.

Free will:

Free will is something that we have in our earthly life and also in the spirit world. We have the ability to try out as many different hobbies, job opportunities and so on, it is really down to ourselves how we choose to live our own lives.

With our interests and hobbies, I do believe that we are born with a lot of our traits and interests. Nobody can force you to show interest in a particular subject or activity this all comes from your soul. A lot of this I believe drives you forward in life and can take you down the path that you were destined for.

Are things sent to try us?

Very strongly I believe that life is complicated for a reason and that the hardships that we face are almost like trials that we need to face. No matter how much money you have or do not have, how physically fit and capable you are or not, we all have many problems that we all need to learn how to deal with.

Life is like an obstacle course and the boundaries that we push or that fall in our path may not always be permanent. So many successful and famous people had very difficult beginnings in their careers but every unsuccessful or difficult thing that they faced made them stronger and try even harder.

When your time comes to pass back to spirit:

One thing that none of us can escape is the inevitable, we are all going to pass back into the spirit world. I prefer using the term crossing over or passing back to spirit I hate using the term death as there is no death only change. It is one thing no medium or psychic should be able to predict as I don’t believe it’s ever revealed to or should be spoken about.

When you are ready to go back to the spirit world then you will go and take with you your soul and the lessons and memories you have experienced.

For those who pass unexpectedly or who pass at a very early age, I believe that their reason for going early is that they have fulfilled their earthly experience and the lessons they learned and also you and everyone else learned from them have come to an end. As tough and horrific as it can be there is a reason behind it all.