Is there a language in the spirit world?

Within this blog, I will answer a very common question that I get asked as a native English speaker myself will spirit be unable to connect with me if they don’t speak English? Explain how spirits communicate and if they use language.

A client of mine recently asked me if I would be able to work with her as her family in the spirit world would not be able to understand or speak English. I made sure that I explained to her that no matter what language you speak or do not speak that is not how spirit communicate. Mediumship, it’s not the same as for example speaking to somebody on the phone or even writing to someone. There is no language in the spirit world as they do not communicate in such a way. 

How do they communicate?

As mediums, we have four main senses, they are:

1. Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

2. Clairaudience (clear hearing)

3. Clairsentience (clear sensing) 

4. Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Every single medium has these abilities and each and every medium has their own strengths in a particular one. The meaning behind all three of these individual senses is. 

1. Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things beyond the normal human senses, often referred to as “seeing the unseen.” Those practising clairvoyant abilities are able to tap into a higher level of consciousness, allowing them to receive information about the past, present, and future that is not readily available to others. This gift can manifest in different ways, such as visions, dreams, or intuitive insights. This is one of the most popular and well-known forms of psychic capability. 

2. Clairaudience: Clairaudience is another psychic ability that involves the ability to hear things beyond the physical realm. Those who use clairaudience may hear voices, sounds such as names being said, or messages that others cannot perceive. This gift allows individuals to receive guidance, information, or warnings from the spiritual realm or higher consciousness. Like clairvoyance, clairaudience can manifest in different ways, such as hearing whispers, music, and everyday sounds when they communicate with the spirit world. 

3. Clairsentience: Clairsentience is another psychic ability that involves the ability to sense or feel things beyond the physical realm. Those who use clairsentient abilities may receive intuitive information through physical sensations, emotions, or gut feelings. This gift allows individuals to tap into the energies around them and perceive subtle vibrations that are not readily apparent to others. Clairsentient individuals may be highly empathic and sensitive to the emotions and energies of people, places, or situations. They can use this ability to tune into the feelings and intentions of others, providing valuable insights and guidance. Clairsentience is often referred to as “clear feeling” and can be a powerful tool for navigating the complexities of life.

4. Claircognizance: Is another psychic ability it is the ability to know something without any logical explanation or reasoning. People with claircognizance have a strong sense of intuition and can receive information in the form of thoughts or ideas without any external input. For example, the famous case of Alec Guinness telling James Dean not to get into his new car because he would be dead the next week and he was right. Without even knowing about it, he had predicted his death through claircognizance. There have been many famous cases that have involved claircognizance.

It really does not matter where you are from in the world or what languages the spirit spoke when they had an earthly life. Spirit communicates in many different ways as I have mentioned above and the thoughts and the feelings that they pass on are not done through language but thought and feeling.