Journey of our spirit guides

This is just as much my journey as it is yours. words from my spirit guide to me. Within this blog, I give my account of why we have spirit guides and why they choose to work with us and we choose to work with them. They have a journey just as much as what we have spiritually. and for them, it is just as much of a challenges as it is for us. 

I also talk about one of the most humbling and unforgettable things that my guide told me. Please do consider this also as I think it’s a message for all. 

This is just as much my journey as itis yours

A few years ago, I decided to go into meditation in order to connect to my spirit guide that I have had since a little boy. This is the guide that works with me throughout my Mediumship readings.

During this time I was having a bit of a difficult time trying to make some decisions on what I should be doing with my Mediumship development. Developing as a medium takes time and it can be a very frustrating journey as sometimes we have bad days. 

I called upon my spirit guide to come forward as I had some questions for him. In fact, I think I could have driven him mad with all the things that I had to ask. Feeling his energy coming close I actually could feel him very strongly in my aura. Quieting my mind to try and get more of a sense of what he had to say to me. I was a bit lost with the journey that I was on with my Mediumship and psychic development as it is a long and tiresome journey. 

What happened

As I began to really feel the connection between us growing stronger. I started asking him all the questions I had about why I felt the way that I did. Asking him why things weren’t going as fast as I wanted them to and why I was not where I wanted to be at that time. Getting no reply feeling quite annoyed I asked again. However, this time I could really feel a different sensation running through me. Not that he was angry with me however I think he had a very strong and personal message for me. 

“This is just as much my journey as it is yours Very clearly I heard this in my head. It was almost like nothing I’d ever heard before from any guide or spirit. From this, I took it very deeply that it’s not only about us. Our life is also about the spirit guides that work with us. Just as much as we have a life to live, they also have a spiritual existence and journey that they are on. 

What are spirit guides? 

Spirit guides are those who guide us with the work that we do. We have different types of guides for different types of reasons. Just like we have a life to live and lessons to be learned so do they. 

They would have had earthly lives before like what we have currently. I do believe that we possibly would’ve had in some cases lives together and had known one another.

Over time, the spirit guides that we have may change and get new ones coming in and old ones leaving us. This is down to the changes that we experience throughout life. The reason for them changing is that the older ones have given us what they needed and it is time for new guides to take over.

Who are our spirit guides?

There are a lot of assumptions that our guides are always either:

– Native Americans 

– Monks

– Nuns

– Chinese wise men 

This does not need to be the case at all. Your guide could be a farmer from the Victorian period or a bricklayer from the 1950s for example. quite often they reflect a lot on your personality also and certain interests that you have. Alm this really reflect the guides that you are likely to have. 

Spirit guides cannot tell you what to do nor can they force you to do anything. They are there to guide you through difficult times and aid you when you need them. As I have mentioned, they are different spirit guides for different things. 

Life guides

We all have a life guide. Life guides do exactly what their name says they guide us through life. When the going gets tough for us sometimes we fail to see the positives in the negatives. However, when we listen to our gut feeling and intuition that’s when the spirit guides are talking to us. 

Mediumship/psychic guides

For those of us who work as psychics or mediums. We need to have guides to work with us. Information needs to be given to us from the spirit world and to work with the spirit world to bring them forward. This is where the job of our psychic/mediumship guides comes in.

They are also very protective of us. Shielding us with the protection that we need whilst working with the spirit world. It is like a queue in a supermarket with spirits one at a time they can come forward during a reading. This is the job of the spirit guides to make that happen. 

They give a lot of support to our loved ones and friends in the spirit world when they are connecting during a mediumship reading. Giving them the conference and helping them to give the medium the information that they want.

Healing guides

Healers need to have spirit guides that work with them. In order to give them the healing power and energy when they are in consultations with clients. Healing is on a different level to Mediumship or psychic abilities. Still, they need to have guidance somewhere to put the healing and to give the healer protection and energy. 

Spirit guides challenges

Just like us our guides must be experiencing challenges from the spirit world relating to us. We make mistakes in our lives and I’m sure they don’t always get everything right either as nobody or nothing is always perfect.

We can’t blame our guides for everything nor can we blame ourselves for everything. Our spirit guides love us unconditionally and there is a reason why they have chosen to work with us and chosen to guide us through our lives and our psychic Mediumship careers. 

They also have a soul like us and have experienced earthy lives and many of them quite possibly. There is always a reason we come to this world and reasons why life turns out as it is. As we have many lives, our soul needs to grow and evolve from the lessons and the choices that we make in life. 


There is I believe a lot of snobbery about spirit guides. Some people believe that they are an almighty divine power that can do no wrong and that can do everything for you. To me, they are exactly like we are a soul that is made in the same image as us. We are all one and the same. 

Having given an interview recently with a well-known podcaster called Richard Vobes. During this interview, I mentioned about spirit guides and that I don’t believe that everything they do is without mistakes and completely perfect. 

 Again just like us, they have lessons to learn from their side and things that they need to improve. I was very badly ridiculed and trolled over this comment. For I always go by how I see the spirit world and how it makes sense to me from my experiences.

Life is difficult and no matter how much experience you’ve got in life nothing always works out the way you want it to. 

Relying on our spirit guides for everything

With some of the clients that I’ve had over the years, I have to make them aware that not everything comes to us from spirit freely. Life is also for us to make things happen and for us to build from our own hard work. Calling upon our spirit guides to get us guidance. However, they can’t necessarily get us a job if that’s what we seek. Nor can they give us what we desperately desire.

For myself, I have noticed every time I’ve called upon my guides to help me they tend to put people in my pathway who can help me. Looking back over my life, I’ve noticed the right kind of people have come into my life at the right time. 

As difficult as it can be and I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone many times I don’t regret a single moment of it. Our guides want us to experience hardship as this is the only way that we are able to learn. Because of these lessons, we become much stronger mentally and spiritually.

How to connect your spirit guides

Meditation is the best way to connect your spirit guides. Having a quiet and open mind to the spirit world is our guides find it easier to connect with you. 

Having a quiet mind is vital in spirit communication in general. Being a psychic medium, I need to find that inner peace and inner quietness in order to connect to the spirit world.

You do not need to necessarily follow a guided meditation however if you are starting out then I would advise it. Here I have attached my own meditation that I have made for you to listen to.

You do not need to visibly see your guide either. Getting a sense of them is much more important and feeling their energy connecting with you. Getting familiar with how their personality and their connection with you feels is a much more important factor. Many mediums don’t see their guides they just get a sense of them and trust in what they give them. 

My biggest lesson from this

This has stuck with me since the day I heard him say this to me. It is one lesson that I don’t think I would ever forget and I really think that it’s a humbling and important lesson. We can’t rely on our guides for everything we have to be the ones also to make our journey possible. They are only there to guide us not to do everything for us.

Of course, there are times when they do stand in our path and help us out when the going gets tough or when there is nothing else that we can do. Things do fall into place over time we just need to be patient and be grateful for what we already have.