The importance of boundaries as a psychic medium

Within this blog, I explain the importance and professionalism and using boundaries as a psychic medium and tarot reader of keeping in my own feelings when I deal with a client during either a mediumship or tarot reading. What I mean by this is simply not getting too emotionally involved with a particular reading that is extremely sad for example, a mother who has lost her child or dealing with a suicide and so on. 

What are boundaries? They are the distance that the medium or psychic uses in order to not get too emotionally affected by the feelings of grief, sorrow and difficulties the client is facing. They are as professional psychic mediums a necessity that we are not personally affected. It’s not that we are meaning to be heartless or unsympathetic, quite the opposite actually but we have our own lives to deal with too and can find it difficult caught up in other peoples emotions and difficulties.

I have a duty to be very professional with all of my clients, working with the spirit world is a true vocation and one that requires dedication, professionalism, empathy and selfless commitment. You cannot be in this work if you do not have those skills, Mediumship and tarot work is a very sensitive matter and can be very very emotional for the client. Mediums and psychics are only human too and can find some of these situations that their clients are in to be very emotional, even for them. 

Boundaries in this work are very important and when you have finished for the day after however many readings you have given you need to close down. You cannot take your work home with you or let it affect your daily life. If you do that, then you will not be able to work properly. Mediums and psychics work at their very best when their minds are clear and free from any stress, anxiety, worry, depression and also their physical health such as not suffering from any illnesses that can affect the work. 

I don’t remember all of the readings that I have given however, there are some that I cannot forget. Grief is not the same thing for everybody and everybody grieves in a very different way. It’s very important as hard as it can be not to feel emotional yourself in some of the situations that some people are in and can find themselves very very desperate, and being at extreme lows in their lives. 

I find that the most rewarding thing is to see the client in a much better and uplifted way than what they were to begin with and that I don’t feel too emotionally affected by their situation and the hardship that they are going through. that’s what Mediumship and tarot are all about. As hard as it is sometimes you just have to be very tough and hard and not let the information and upset that the client may be going through affect you in any way your job is to make them feel better about themselves and their situation. 

There are many people that I know who are very gifted and are able to work as medium or psychics but do not want the responsibility or cannot cope with the emotions of others. It’s not for everybody, however, it’s something that I love to do and do believe I am able to do it in a professional way. To all of you aspiring to become a medium or psychic that’s one very important thing to understand is that it comes with a lot of responsibility. The spirit world is very loving and forgiving. There is no pain or suffering, only reflection over the life and the lives of others that you’ve come into contact with. Mediumship is a form of healing in a way, knowing that your loved ones and your friends that you miss dearly are around you, and still very much alive in their own world. 

All mediums and psychics work in very different ways, but For myself, and through my own experiences I think it’s important to open yourself up properly such as your chakras and aura, and then when you finish with the Reading you need to close yourself down properly. Grounding is a very important part of this work and through experience and commitment, you can learn how to do it like second nature.