The mysteries of the death card in tarot

Worried about the death card? I will give all my accounts and experience of working with the death card when giving tarot card readings. Ubove all I can promise the death card is nothing to fear. In fact, you should embrace it more than you think you should.

The death card is one of 22 Major Arcana cards found in a tarot card deck. Major Arcana represents very strong life lessons and very important situations that we go through in life.

This is what I believe is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented feared cards in the entire tarot deck. Many missed conceptions are made about this card. My opinion is that it stands out to be more scary than what it actually is. 

Death is a natural part of life. Also a natural part of any situation throughout your life. Death brings new beginnings. This card does not represent physical death in other words passing to the spirit world. 

It represents change through all walks of life. Such as relationships, jobs, family, friends and personal changes. You should never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Nor should you be afraid to change the way that you view and act in life.

There is no death

There is no such thing as physical death. Only change as we pass on to the spirit world after we have taken our last breath on earth. The death card shows a natural end to a situation.

One that is more or less unavoidable and it’s not something that happens suddenly either. When you know something is not working out for you the death card often shows up in a tarot spread. It also prepares you for the inevitable. 

I can remember a client of mine a couple of years ago I can’t remember every single detail about the Reading. However, I remember the death card being present about a friend of hers. Telling her that the friendship was going to end in the next six months. Due to the fact that her friend at the time was using her like she was an object.

Explaining to her throughout the tarot spread what this friend was doing to her and she could not see it from my perspective from using the tarot at the time. Six months later she got in touch with me telling me I was exactly right and what I told her that her friendship was no more. 

Why you should embrace the death card

This proves that we must never be afraid of the death card. In fact, it can actually bring out the best in our lives when things end that service with no purpose and actually give us more baggage and upset. 

This card at the top is from the Druid craft tarot. I know the picture on the card looks a lot scarier than it actually is but really it is nothing to fear. I have many different memories of the card being drawn in situations that have turned out to be much better for the client and myself. 

Do you fear death itself?

If it is death itself that frightens you. Perhaps the thought of leaving loved ones behind or leaving the life that you’ve known behind and moving on to the next phase. I can promise you there’s nothing to fear.

There is no death to your soul or your spirit there is only change. Also for those passed on before you are still able to communicate through a psychic medium. 

Please read one of my previous blogs. This explains what happens to us when we pass to the spirit world and that we should not fear death. Here is the attachment. 

Also with Tarot, everybody sees something very different in each individual card. there is no right or wrong way to read the tarot whatever you saying you must always go with your gut feeling what it means to you.