Defining unexpected loss and death to suicide

With this blog, I discuss one of the most sensitive topics that I have to cover which is the unfortunate loss of our loved ones through suicide. prefer using the term crossing themselves over as I think it’s a much more appropriate term to use. 

Recently I had the privilege to give a reading to a young man, and I was very fortunate to be able to work with his brother, who passed at a very early age. His personality was very fun and full of love and laughter, he truly was one of the most excitable and full-of-life spirits that I have ever worked with. Throughout the reading, I was doing my best to find out how exactly he passed as I find it’s a vital piece of evidence as to who I am communicating with. 

I usually work out very quickly, how they pass however, for some reason this time I was really struggling to work out how he had passed. I knew it was a quick passing, and I made the assumption that he passed away in an accident and truly believed he was doing something that he really loved, and his life came to an unexpected end in that way. My client said to me that, unfortunately, he passed from suicide. This really shocked me as I did not expect that at all and I usually pick up very quickly if that was the case. 

Working at a medium it is my duty and care that I work in a very professional way with people and their loved ones in the spirit world. Mediumship readings are a very emotional experience for both the spirit world and the physical world. I personally deal with a lot of suicides, particularly suicides of younger people, both male and female, and it is one topic that I talk about quite often I do believe that it’s a critical topic to talk about as these days mental health is discussed a lot more. 

This young man’s personality, as I mentioned, was so full of life, and so full of fun, laughter, adventure, family, and friends and never seemed to have any self-doubts or any low self-esteem. I was truly shocked, and it is one reading that I think I will never forget. This has got to be one of the only times that I have had no explanation for the cause of why he did what he did. It made absolutely no sense to me at all. 

Mental health presents itself differently in each individual and we do not realise just how much some people are suffering without showing any symptoms, and with some of them being too proud to even talk about how they’re feeling deep down. It’s the effect that it has on families and friends of those who decide that they have no other alternative than to take their own lives. 

I really see in my clients who have lost their loved ones or their close friends through suicide the pain that they experience that never leaves them. With the pain caused by suicide, it never goes away. However, we learn how to deal with it. There are many readings that I have given people that have stuck in my mind as it’s quite rare that I remember reading after I have given it however I suppose like any job there are things that you remember that stick in your mind. 

There was a lady that I gave a reading to a couple of years ago whose son came through straight away and I knew exactly how he passed, and it was through suicide. As I was giving the information and vital details of her son, I could see in her how relieved she was knowing that he was safely and happy in the spirit world. This incredible lady was training in bereavement counselling, for parents who have lost their children from suicide. I was truly humbled by this lady, and could not believe her strength and selfless commitment to others, that’s one reading that I will remember, and one lady that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

With this young man, he lost his brother, who was also his best friend they were virtually inseparable when he was in his earthly life. I could see him just how much he meant to him and the destruction that it caused him. Only over the past 2 to 3 years, had he begun to live again after his brother had passed. He said to me that he blamed himself for not knowing that his brother was depressed or what was wrong with him as there was no pre-warning, but this could possibly happen to him. This is one thing that I want to discuss in this blog, how people are affected and how also the spirit world is affected. 

I always make sure that I tell everybody I see who is struggling with their mental health they need to reach out for help if they feel in any way they could do something to themselves like that. there is so much help out there now for anybody of any age who is feeling that way. Do not suffer in silence and do not feel too proud to speak about things that bother you and certainly if you think there is no other option. 

I can also promise you that they are well looked after when they pass to the spirit. They are given as much help as they need to come to terms with what they have done and come to terms with the reasons behind what they have done. There is no punishment for them, nor is there any suffering on the other side. In my experience, they are given as much help as they need. 

Suicide is never the answer to anything, and also a lot of spirits regret what they did. The destruction that it has on families, close friends, and anybody involved is one of the worst things that you could ever experience. Please always reach out if you need help and please always remember that no matter how difficult life is, it’s all part of our soul’s journey and the life that we’re living and the challenges that we come across are for a reason and with help, support and determination we can get through anything that is blocking our path. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. My love to all of you and I wish you all the best, and if any of you are feeling this way or affected by this blog, please do reach out for help.

Wherever you are in the world there are plenty of free phone helplines on Google, never hesitate to call them if you feel that way.