What is psychometry and how to work with it

With this blog, I dedicate to explaining the use of psychometry. Explaining and advising how to work with objects that your loved ones or friends had before they passed away. Also whilst giving more of a psychic reading on how to work with a piece of jewellery, watch et cetera that somebody who is living wears.

What is psychometry?

Psychometry is the use of an object that belongs to somebody who has passed to the spirit world. Or even that belongs to someone who is still in the physical world for a psychic or medium to work with.

This is in order to tap into their energy in order to give a psychic or Mediumship Reading. Everything that we wear and own that is physically on us. E.g a piece of jewellery, watch, wallet and so on holds energy. What I mean by this is that our auric field that surrounds everything that lives. This continues to get stored within our personal belongings. 

From the Greek word psyche meaning soul and metron meaning measure. Psychometry has been and continues to be used in spiritualism. Also known as token-object Reading. Remaining today one of the most popular tools to use when giving psychic and Mediumship readings.

A lot of energy can get stored in personal objects. Even if the item has been passed down through family, it can still hold the original owner’s energy. 

Joseph Rodes Buchanan, was an American doctor and professor of physiology. Coining the term psychometry. Believing that all things gave off an emanation. As the years have gone by his work is becoming even more popular as psychometry is very popular in psychic readings.

Throughout his life, he continued promoting psychometry. Believing that one day it would revolutionise science. also writing a number of books on the subject.

Psychometry in Mediumship

As energy is stored within all different kinds of objects the spirit world can be attracted to it. Throughout working with the spirit world there have been times from clients have given me the belongings of loved ones who have passed. This does not necessarily give you a direct connection to the spirit world. However, it gives you more of an insight into the personality and traits of the loved one who has passed.

I have found throughout my experience that psychometry works much better with psychic readings. During giving a tarot card reading psychometry can be used as an extra tool. However, sometimes it works very well in Mediumship Readings to communicate with those who are in the spirit world. 

Energy can sometimes can be contaminated. For example, if somebody has been wearing a ring of their deceased loved one, their personal energy can get entwined with the original owner’s energy. 


Photograph readings are another type of psychometry reading. Using your psychic ability to work with photographs of people. Photographs also hold a lot of energy about someone who has either passed to the spirit world or is here physically. Mainly you are working with your spirit guides whilst reading with photographs. 

Buildings and physical locations

Just like belongings, physical locations also store and hold energy. Being sometimes referred to as residual energy. Examples such as houses hold a lot of energy from previous occupants. Not only occupied by grounded spirits (ghosts).

Gaining experience from being involved in a lot of paranormal investigations. Quite often I link in with the residual energy of a building that is active with spirit. Not only am I able to link with the spirit world but I am also receiving information from my spirit guides constantly. Being given information on the location and what is going on. It really hits me sometimes with the rich energy of a building and the history behind it.

My experiences

I remember going to a location a couple of years ago in Tring, England. It was an old school and I was sent there to find out what was going on. Many unexplained experiences were being reported from the staff there.

Going into one of the rooms I knew straight away that it had been used for military personnel during World War I. All I kept on seeing were soldiers lying in beds and nurses walking around.

At the time I found it very humbling. Due to the fact World War I took a lot of human lives. I felt a lot of their pain and suffering from the war.

After I had finished explaining what I had seen and what I thought the room had been used for previously one of the members of staff confirmed. In fact it had indeed been a hospital for wounded troops in World War I. And they were cared for within the building. 

As we moved further through the building, I could hear children laughing. Listing as I was walking along as if they were calling out to me. Following the sound of children laughing and playing I entered into a room. Instantly knowing full well that it had been a nursery. Again it was confirmed that it had been used as a nursery. 

Still to this day, the building is very active. Being extremely rich in both residual and spiritual energy.

How to work with psychometry

Working with psychometry it is actually very straightforward, feel the energy of an object and say what you feel and see. Using all of your senses such as;

– Clairvoyance


– Clairaudience


– Clairsentience 


– Claircognizance


Use all of these senses, and whatever comes into your mind, you must say. The way I work is very similar to how I work with my mediumship readings. Calming my mind-body, spirit and soul then for my guides to work with me.

Boldness and confident like working with the spirit world psychometry is all about confidence. Practice with a friend on a piece of jewellery for example of a loved one of theirs.