When will your loved ones be ready to come through?

Why can it take such a long time for your loved ones to come through? 

I recently gave a reading to a client who often has readings with various mediums. During the reading, I managed to bring through an old friend of hers who passed away in 2002 within 22 years she never made any contact with any previous mediums. My client was slightly shocked but overjoyed that she managed to make a connection with me, towards the end of the reading I asked her if she had any questions to which she replied “Why did it take her so long to come through to me?” This is one question I have been asked on many different occasions and it is one that I don’t always have the answer to however I have my own theories. 

I get questions such as; 

– are they ok?

– are they angry with me? 

– are they lost? 

– are they scared? 

– why don’t they want to talk to me?

– do they still love me?

I can promise all of you that they are absolutely fine. We are all given the help and support that we need when we pass over to the spirit world there is no pain or suffering and nothing to worry about. There is nothing to be scared of, love never dies as it is eternal as much as our soul is eternal. 

What is the reason why you don’t always hear from who you want to hear from? 

Spirit always come through for a reason. There is never any guarantee that you will hear from the loved one that you really hope will come through. Sometimes they are not ready yet and need time to come to terms with the life that they lived in the physical world (the world we live in) also they may be trying to learn how to connect through a medium. Quite often when they have recently passed other family members in the spirit world with them will help them connect with a medium, they will usually come through to start with and then be followed by the more recent spirit who passed. It can take up to a year sometimes for them to come through so please be patient and not upset that they did not make the connection. 

Can every medium work with my loved ones? 

I also believe that not every spirit and medium is always able to work with one another. What I mean by that is that we are all energy and not everything including energy works well together. I don’t mean that the spirit and medium don’t like each other, what I mean is that even in the physical world we have many different personalities and interests and don’t always understand or connect very well with one another. 

A lot of what mediumship is about is life experience and what the medium has seen and been through in life. Spirit communicates with a medium through thoughts and feelings such as memories that the medium themself have lived through. For example, I experienced a bad vehicle accident in 2012 as a result I’m lucky to be still able to walk and even be alive. When I am working and get a spirit communicating who passed in a vehicle accident then my own experience of being in an accident will be playing in my mind. If the medium has not had those experiences that the spirit did then they may not be able to work well together. 

What to do if I don’t hear from my loved one who I so desperately wanted to hear from? 

You should always go into a reading with an open mind and with the hope that you will be connected with your loved one. Never feel pressured to go for a reading as it is a very personal matter and one that you should only do if you feel that the time is right. Mediums can not pick the spirit, one term that I have heard many times and one that I use is I don’t connect with the spirit they connect with me. There is always a reason that a particular spirit will choose to communicate and it’s my job to find out who they are, why they are connecting with me, and very vital and personal details about them. 

If after the reading you did not feel you made contact with who you really wanted to then don’t feel bad about it. They will eventually come through when the is right for them or when you find the right medium for both you and your loved one in the spirit world then that communication will certainly happen. When the time is right then that’s when it will happen and it should be an amazing and for sure emotional experience. 

Details during a reading

Mediumship must always be very matter-of-fact, full of personal information about the spirit communicator who has passed. It’s very important that the medium should give plenty of information such as; 

– names 

– how the spirit passed

– personality traits 

– strong memories 

– how they are connected to you

– interests and hobbies that they had

These are to name a few vital things in mediumship and spirit connection. A medium can never get 100% accuracy in a reading but as long as most of the information makes sense that’s the most important thing. Mediumship is all about information of the spirit who is communicating and it’s my job to give all of that to the client. 

What I really want to explain in this blog is that when the time is right for the spirit to communicate then they will do so. Do not believe that they are doing it deliberately and don’t want to communicate there can be a number of factors as to why they cannot. Do not give up on them as they will not give up on you.