Alzheimer’s, Mediumship and the spirit world

Something that absolutely fascinates me is the fact that the mind of an Alzheimer’s patient can communicate with a psychic medium. Even though they have not passed to the spirit world. Alzheimer’s has got to be one of the most evil diseases. Seeing those that you love wasting away and losing their personalities. 

Where is their mind? As neuroscience develops there is still a lot that it can’t explain. Throughout my experience, I have had many communications with loved ones of those who have not passed. However, they are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and cannot even communicate or recognise their loved ones. 

It seems to me that they are halfway to the spirit world. In other words, their mind and their soul have connected back to the other side. I don’t always know how they manage to communicate with a medium, but some of the communications have been absolutely incredible. Some of the connections have been even stronger with plenty of detail and information than you would regularly get with a spirit who is in the spirit world.

Are they already in the spirit world? 

They are not in the spirit world. However, even with Alzheimer’s they seem to be able to still communicate with a medium. There is still much that I need to learn with the spirit world. Not only is every single communication different from spirit but Mediumship, it’s a lifelong lesson that no one stops learning. 

Many people worry about if they’ve completely lost their personality and if they are safe. They are always looked after and have so much help from the spirit world. 

When the time is right for them to go over to the spirit world, they will do so. Even though they no longer have their personalities and characters in the physical world, the spirit world is waiting for them.

Near-death and out-of-body experiences, Alzheimer’s

I have heard many stories of people who have been close to death. Not necessarily Alzheimer’s sufferers but some who have actually passed into the spirit world. Having been brought back to the physical world by medical practitioners. They explain that they can see what’s going on around them at the time of their experience. 

One particular story that stays in my mind is from a friend of mine. He actually was declared dead by a cardiac team after suffering a heart attack. He said that he saw somebody at the end of a bright white light they did not recognise. After he was brought back from cardiac arrest, he recognised that the man standing in the white light was the Doctor who was saving him. There is no way he could’ve known who he was as he was unconscious when in the hospital. 

I suppose the same thing kind of happens with people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s. As they close towards the end of their lives and the fact that their mind is no longer as it was it seems to be able to wander between the spirit world and the physical world. 

Readings I have given

As this is unusual and highly debated in spiritualism there are a few readings I have given that stick in my mind. One of which was a young girl I remember describing her grandmother to her getting her name, her age, her personality everything as she put it “You’ve described her perfectly the only problem is she’s not past yet”.

I was a bit confused however I remember a video that I watched on YouTube from the famous psychic medium John Edward. As he put it freaked him out the first time when it happened. A loved one of somebody who had not passed. However, they had Alzheimer’s and were unable to communicate in the physical world however, they were able to communicate spiritually.

Not only Alzheimer’s sufferers have I experienced in this kind of situation. I have also been able to communicate with people who are in comas or are within the last few days of life. It seems to me that when you were in that situation of near-death you have already in some way or another made that communication or made that transition partially to the spirit world.

Making the most of loved ones with Alzheimer’s

Make the most of the time that you have even when they are no longer mentally there. Memories are the most valuable thing. You cannot alter the love and the fun that you cherish together. Even if they have got Alzheimer’s or any other neurological disease it’s never the end.