Forgiveness in the spirit world


One topic that I believe warrants discussion is the concept of forgiveness. We all have moments in our lives where we say or do things that we deeply regret. Imperfection is a part of being human, and sometimes we fail to recognize the lasting impact our actions can have on others.

Throughout my career, I have encountered numerous clients who grapple with immense remorse and heartache over the hurtful words they exchanged with their departed loved ones. Similarly, I have witnessed clients struggling with grief caused by hurtful remarks made by their loved ones before their passing.

One particular reading stands out in my memory. A few years ago, I connected with a young man who had recently lost his grandfather to a sudden heart attack. The spirit of his grandfather came through strongly during the reading. This grandfather had suffered greatly from depression throughout his life, unbeknownst to him and unintentionally causing significant distress to his grandson and family. His illness had led to numerous arguments and problems within the family during the young man’s childhood.

As I communicated with the young man, I sensed that something hurtful had been said between him and his grandfather shortly before the latter’s passing. It was evident that this incident was deeply troubling the young man. I shared my observations and feelings with him, and he immediately burst into tears, confessing, “I told him just before he died that I hate him and that he would be better off dead.”

My heart went out to this young man, who was no older than 18 at the time. I understood why his grandfather had come through during the reading. There was no trace of anger from the grandfather (as there is no anger in the spirit world). Instead, I sensed that he wanted to apologize for all the hardships he had unintentionally caused due to his inability to control his illness.


Love from the spirit world is the purest form of love one can ever experience. It is devoid of anger or pain, and in the absence of time in the spirit realm, spirits have ample opportunity to reflect on their lives. When we transition into the spirit world, we receive abundant assistance from the spiritual realm in overcoming the struggles we faced in our physical existence. It seems that all pain, worry, anger, hate, and insecurity are stripped away, allowing for a profound understanding of our true selves.

The key is to strive to release regrets, let go of the pain we believe we have inflicted upon our loved ones, and endeavor to release the pain left behind by our departed loved ones. One day, we will reunite with them and gain a deeper understanding of one another. As challenging as it may be, we must cherish and embrace life, love unconditionally, and above all, find joy in laughter.