What makes a great medium?

Individual experiencing spiritual tranquility, sitting peacefully in sunlight

What qualities define a skilled medium? Mediumship is both a gift and a calling, bestowed upon individuals from all walks of life. However, it is not a talent that comes effortlessly; it demands unwavering dedication and countless hours of practice over…

The Paranormal and the unexplained

A black candle and some scary looking tarot cards

It is time for me to share my personal experiences and thoughts on the paranormal. This includes the concept of ghosts, hauntings, and anything that many of us find frightening in this subject matter. I get asked: – What exactly…

Forgiveness in the spirit world

Conceptual representation of forgiveness and reconciliation in the spiritual realm, emphasising psychic mediumship insights

One topic that I believe warrants discussion is the concept of forgiveness. We all have moments in our lives where we say or do things that we deeply regret. Imperfection is a part of being human, and sometimes we fail…

Pets in the spirit world

A cat and a dog having a cuddle

Similar to animals, humans also possess a soul. However, the love we have for our pets often surpasses the love we have for our own family members. The loss of a pet is undeniably one of the most difficult experiences…

Signs from the spirit world

hand shaped into a love heart facing the sky

When our beloved ones depart, the ache of their absence is truly overwhelming. We yearn for our mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, best friends, and more. The weight of grief can sometimes feel unbearable. On the other side, our loved ones…

My Tarot Journey

Artistic representation of an individual's transformative experience with tarot and spiritual guidance

My fascination with tarot began in 2013, during the early stages of my spiritual journey. As I was exploring my mediumship abilities, my teacher suggested that I enroll in a tarot course with her. At that time, I had very…

How to become a medium

Visual guide on the transformative path to embracing and mastering the role of a psychic medium

We are all born with the ability to become a medium. Mediumship is based on energy of our own soul and spirit and the energy of the spirit world. When we pass to spirit we no longer have a physical…

How mediumship and tarot readings work online

Intriguing visual representation of spiritual insights, emphasising the profound nature of psychic mediumship and spiritual exploration

Since the implementation of lockdown measures in 2020, the popularity of online readings has soared. Surprisingly, both mediumship and tarot readings have proven to be just as effective in the virtual realm as they are in person. Important facts to…