How mediumship and tarot readings work online

Since the implementation of lockdown measures in 2020, the popularity of online readings has soared. Surprisingly, both mediumship and tarot readings have proven to be just as effective in the virtual realm as they are in person.

Important facts to know are:

  • it works just as well online as in person
  • spirit travel to the medium
  • spirit can communicate with more than one medium at a time
  • I can tune into your energy without you being in the room
  • tarot cards can be used without the client needing to shuffle them
  • every medium and psychic works different and done only work online

The accommodating nature of spirits and the guidance of our spiritual guides play a crucial role in bridging the gap between two worlds during these readings. Remarkably, the connection remains strong regardless of whether the medium and client are in different countries.


Before the lockdown, I never truly believed that online readings could be as successful as they have turned out to be. Thanks to the online platform, my clients now come from various parts of the UK and even from different corners of the world, spanning across all continents.

I have witnessed countless clients, unaccustomed to online Readings, left utterly astounded by the remarkable accuracy and seamless connections that unfold through this medium. The convenience it offers, eliminating the need for travel or accommodation, proves highly beneficial for both the medium and the client.

During these readings, there is no occurrence of anything paranormal. It is astonishing to witness how spirits can effectively communicate with two separate mediums who may not even be in the same room or country at the time.

The seamless functionality of online readings has truly captivated me. The sheer number of spirits that come through during these sessions remains consistent, regardless of whether the reading takes place online or in person.