How to become a medium


We are all born with the ability to become a medium. Mediumship is based on energy of our own soul and spirit and the energy of the spirit world. When we pass to spirit we no longer have a physical form and we become total energy. learning to connect with that energy and learning to heighten your own energy, sensitivity and consciousness takes time to master.

it requires.

. Patience

. Commitment

. Plenty of trial and error

. Confidence

. Humility

. Humbleness

These are to name but a few. Mediumship brings out the best in you and you can learn so much about yourself and your soul. It takes a lot of commitment to do so and can bring so much joy to the recipient of the reading, the spirit communicating and the medium themself.

Finding an exceptional teacher holds immense significance as well. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to train under undoubtedly some of the most exceptional mediumship mentors. Discovering a teacher who possesses a profound sense of discipline is crucial, while also ensuring that their teaching style resonates with you is equally vital. Countless development circles exist, with an increasing number now accessible online as well.

There will be days and specific times when your mediumship is not working as well as it normally does. However it is the same for every medium, it can be frustrating when this happens but it does not mean that you can’t do it.

There may be a number of reasons why such as.

. Stress

. Tiredness

. Anxiety

. Illness

. Depression

These are the main reasons why but sometimes the client can block you. When this happens it makes the reading very difficult but this has nothing to do with your mediumship.

It’s a long journey to becoming a medium and one that involves constant learning. Every medium works differently and with much learning from different mediums and fellow students, you will find your own way of working.

There are six main senses that mediums use to work they are.

. Clairvoyance- clear seeing

. Clairaudience- clear hearing

. Clairsentience- clear sensing

. Clairalience- clear smelling

. Clairgustance- clear tasting

. Claircognizance- clear knowing

We all have these six senses and we all have at least two that we feel stronger using. It takes practice to find out which ones you feel stronger in and that work for you.

My message to anyone starting out on their journey is never give up and stay confident in what you are doing. It takes time and effort to achieve a good standard of mediumship. Also, it requires life experience and the more experiences you’ve been through help a lot. Our guides communicate using our own experiences for example if you witnessed a very bad car crash and a spirit communicating with you passed in a car crash that memory can be played in your head so you will understand how they passed.

We never stop learning as mediums, so don’t give up give it your all and stay strong and positive. It does not matter how many years you’ve been a medium or training to be it is a lesson for life.