How to prepare for a mediumship reading

How to prepare for a mediumship reading

When seeking guidance from a medium, it is crucial to approach the experience with an open mind. The spirits that choose to communicate through a medium are unpredictable, and we cannot control who comes through.

I firmly believe that spirits are drawn to connect with us based on the love and friendships we shared in life. However, there may be instances when a spirit with whom we had a strained relationship tries to communicate. In such cases, it is perfectly acceptable to inform the medium that you find it distressing and do not wish to continue the reading with that particular spirit. The medium should respectfully ask the spirit to leave and attempt to bring forth someone else.

Sometimes, we yearn to hear from a specific person who was very dear to us. However, it is important to understand that this may not always be the outcome. Another unexpected individual may come through during the reading. It is crucial not to feel upset or believe that your loved one is ignoring you or not present in your life.

I believe that there can be various reasons for this. Perhaps the spirit is not yet ready to communicate, or they may not be able to connect through that particular medium. I strongly advise against feeling pressured into getting a reading. Only go for it when you feel ready and believe it is the right decision for you. Additionally, it is wise to choose a medium who comes highly recommended or has positive reviews on their website or advertisement page.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where mediums or psychics have made damaging and unprofessional statements, leaving the recipients in extreme stress and a state of distress. Regrettably, there are individuals in this field who deceive and harm people. A reading should always conclude on a positive note, even during dark and challenging times. Remember, there is always hope in every situation.