Loss from mental health and tragedy

Mental health

Regrettably, life presents us with individuals who are deeply troubled and believe they cannot bear the weight of their existence. While some seek assistance, others choose to suffer in silence, not looking after their mental health, plunging into a dark abyss where they see no future or hope.

The reasons behind such despair can vary greatly, stemming from medical and mental health issues or personal struggles that individuals may feel too ashamed or proud to discuss. As a medium, I have encountered numerous readings where spirits have tragically taken their own lives.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in this manner, and I am in awe of the strength displayed by those seeking solace through my readings. Frequently, I am asked if there is punishment for those who have chosen to end their own lives or if they reside in a place of eternal torment. Such notions are utter nonsense. From my experiences, it appears that these spirits receive the help and healing they require, as their reasons for resorting to such drastic measures are addressed.

However, the pain inflicted upon the family and friends left behind is equally agonizing. Moving forward after such a tragedy can be an arduous journey that may span years. It often necessitates extensive support. This is precisely why I have penned this blog, to remind those who read it that if they find themselves unable to cope or know someone in a similar situation, they must always reach out and seek help. There is an abundance of assistance available.

To those who have been bereaved by the loss of a loved one to suicide, I implore you to never allow pride or the belief that you cannot ask for help to hinder your healing process. Mental health is now a topic of open discussion, and it must be treated with utmost seriousness. As always, I strive to demonstrate to everyone that hope is ever-present.