My Tarot Journey

My fascination with tarot began in 2013, during the early stages of my spiritual journey. As I was exploring my mediumship abilities, my teacher suggested that I enroll in a tarot course with her.

At that time, I had very limited knowledge about tarot and was quite skeptical about my ability to work with the cards. However, after some contemplation, I decided to give it a try. I spent a considerable amount of time searching online and visiting spiritual shops until I stumbled upon the Druid Craft tarot deck, which instantly resonated with me. Since then, it has become my trusted companion.

It is crucial to:

– find a tarot deck that you love

– feel comfortable with your tarot deck

– take as much advice off of other tarot readers

– watch as many videos from different readers as possible 

– read as many different books on the subject as possible

– learn to use as many different tarot spreads as you possibly can 

– find a way of working with them that you feel most confident in

– make your own mind up on the interpretation of the cards

Tarot Reading

With the guidance of my teacher, extensive online research, and valuable advice from fellow readers, I gradually gained confidence and deepened my understanding of the tarot. Each card holds a unique meaning for every individual reader, and every time I engage with the cards, I discover something new within them. It is crucial to find a deck that personally connects with you, one that you find visually appealing. With countless decks available, this process may take time. Contrary to the myth that someone else should buy your deck, it is essential to choose one that truly resonates with you.

Consider factors such as colors, imagery, and themes when selecting a deck that suits your preferences. It is perfectly acceptable to use multiple decks and incorporate different ones into the same reading.

The journey of learning tarot is never-ending. Even after years of experience, I decided to further expand my knowledge by attending workshops and courses with different teachers. Gaining diverse perspectives on the cards and their usage is invaluable. Maintaining an open and level-headed mindset is key to success in tarot.

I frequently share daily card readings on social media, inviting others to share their interpretations and opinions. It is a joy to engage with others and exchange insights about the cards.

Tarot has become an integral part of my life, and I cannot imagine my journey without it. It is a true blessing to share my passion with others and provide guidance through the tarot.