Pets in the spirit world

Similar to animals, humans also possess a soul. However, the love we have for our pets often surpasses the love we have for our own family members. The loss of a pet is undeniably one of the most difficult experiences we can endure. As an avid animal lover, I have had the unfortunate experience of losing many beloved pets throughout my life. Even as a medium, my ability to communicate with spirits does not alleviate the pain and sorrow that accompanies their departure.

Mediums, like myself, still mourn the loss of our departed pets despite the work we do. The love, loyalty, friendship, and happiness that our pets bring into our lives are truly invaluable. The trust and bond we share with them are unparalleled; we can always rely on our pets to remain loyal, even when we scold them. They hold no grudges against us.

During my readings, I often encounter spirits of animals, particularly dogs and cats. Although they cannot communicate with us in the same way humans do, they come through to provide comfort to their grieving owners, assuring them that they are safe and content.

Frequently, spirits of humans appear alongside their beloved pets during these sessions. While working with clients, I have heard dogs barking in the room, witnessed cats gracefully entering, and even felt their presence as they playfully jumped on my feet or walked across my legs. It is not uncommon for dogs to sit beside me or rest across my feet.

The most crucial aspect to remember is that you provided your pets with the best life possible. For this, they will forever be grateful, just as you are for the love they bestowed upon you. Whether or not they reincarnate remains uncertain, but one thing I firmly believe is that they exist in the spiritual realm just as our departed human loved ones do. Like them, the love from our pets remains eternally present and cannot be taken away from us.

Losing a cherished pet is an inevitable part of life, one that we cannot avoid. Therefore, it is essential to spend quality time with them, cherishing every moment and allowing their love and joy to forever reside within our hearts.