Signs from the spirit world

When our beloved ones depart, the ache of their absence is truly overwhelming. We yearn for our mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, best friends, and more. The weight of grief can sometimes feel unbearable.

On the other side, our loved ones attempt various methods to connect with us. While finding an occasional white feather may be a common assumption, I have personally encountered numerous other ways in which they communicate.

These can be:

– smells such as perfumes or aftershave

– music such as their favourite song

– feeling a tingling feeling down your body

– moving objects associated with them 

It requires a great deal of energy for spirits to communicate through a medium. Even after their passing, it can be quite challenging for them to send signs. Nevertheless, many have succeeded, and the experiences I’ve had are truly astonishing.

One particular encounter will forever be etched in my memory. During an online reading, a woman sought my guidance, and her father’s presence was incredibly strong. As I described him, a tough man from New York City with little sympathy, Siri unexpectedly activated on my phone, which was placed on the table beside me. In an American accent, it repeated three times, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I was astounded by what had just occurred, and the woman tearfully exclaimed, “I understand why he’s saying that.”

There have been numerous instances during readings where I receive information from spirits about their methods of communication. One common occurrence is the transmission of energy to their loved ones’ backs, shoulders, or arms. Whether they are sitting on the couch, lying in bed, or even doing household chores like washing dishes, they may feel a warm or tingling sensation that brings immense comfort and love.

There are many other ways in which they attempt to communicate. Music is a prevalent method. If you play a CD or a song comes on the radio that holds significance for you, it may suddenly cut out or become distorted. I vividly recall a reading for a woman whose father had recently passed. When I mentioned hearing the Beatles, specifically George Harrison’s song “Set on You,” she was taken aback. She exclaimed, “I play that song for him all the time, and it keeps cutting out. We played the Beatles at his funeral, and his favorite was George Harrison, with ‘Set on You’ being his favorite song.”

I genuinely believe that when you reminisce about your loved ones and cherish the precious moments you shared, they draw near to you. Love on the spiritual plane never fades, and they watch over us daily. I also believe that they can communicate with us through dreams while we sleep.

However they choose to communicate, it is crucial to believe that it is a sign. Sometimes, these experiences can be deeply personal, such as catching a whiff of their unique perfume or cologne, or even smelling cigarette smoke if they were a smoker. Remember, you knew these individuals intimately and were familiar with their distinct characteristics.

To anyone reading this blog who is grappling with the loss of a loved one, remember them with love, and they will always remain close to you. Even if you feel like you aren’t receiving any signs from them, remember that there is no true death, only transformation. You will reunite with them on the other side. These signs are a testament to your spiritual awakening.