The Paranormal and the unexplained


It is time for me to share my personal experiences and thoughts on the paranormal. This includes the concept of ghosts, hauntings, and anything that many of us find frightening in this subject matter.

I get asked:

– What exactly is a ghost?

– Should we be afraid of them?

– What do they desire?

– Where do they originate from?

– Are they a threat?

These are some of the questions I am frequently asked. Throughout my career, I have been involved in investigating houses and buildings that exhibit high levels of spiritual activity. It is a part of my job that I genuinely enjoy, as I have always been fascinated by the history behind it all.

What exactly is a ghost?

The common perception of ghosts, or what I prefer to call grounded spirits, is that they are trapped, angry, and seek to cause harm. Personally, I believe that they choose to remain close to the earthly realm and within the energy of the living because they are attempting to retain their humanity.

The reasons behind their choice to do so vary from case to case, and I cannot provide a definitive answer for each one. Each grounded spirit has their own motivations for staying close to the living.


Are they a threat?

When asked if they are dangerous or if we should be afraid, I firmly believe that there is no need for fear. They cannot harm or hurt us in any way. However, they can be somewhat bothersome, as they rely on our energy to sustain their proximity to the earthly realm. Feeling drained, tired, cold, or sensing a presence that cannot be explained are all common experiences in spiritually active locations.

Over time, which may span hundreds of years or more, grounded spirits eventually transition to the spirit world. I do not believe in the existence of trapped spirits or that they are in a place where they do not wish to be. Just as in life, we all possess free will, and from my experiences, this remains unchanged in the spirit world.

In active buildings, animals, particularly dogs, often become unsettled and exhibit strange behavior. This is due to their sensitivity, and at times, they may not fully comprehend what they are sensing. Humans also experience unease in certain buildings without understanding the cause. Children, in particular, are highly receptive to the energy of grounded spirits, likely due to their heightened sensitivity.

When I first began developing my psychic and mediumship abilities, the old house where our first circle was held was highly spiritually active. Not only did we encounter visitation spirits during our mediumship readings, but grounded spirits were also highly active. Doors would open before our eyes, loud banging would emanate from the walls and attic, the smell of cigarette smoke would fill the air, and I even once saw a man standing in a doorway, observing our circle. I vividly remember describing him to our teacher, who informed me that he was a harmless previous occupant of the house, known to many who had seen him. Often, we would hear heavy breathing and whistling from the doorway where he would appear.

Grounded spirits must always be treated with respect and should never be provoked. I have witnessed paranormal investigators antagonizing and offending spirits, which is no different from offending the living. Respect is the key to understanding who these spirits are and coexisting peacefully with them.

You should never feel compelled to leave your home or workplace because of their presence. You have just as much right to be there as they do. Similar to getting to know a new neighbor or housemate, it takes time. 

You may encounter:

– Lights turning on and off unexpectedly

– Footsteps

– Doors opening and closing

– Banging on walls or floors

– Recurring dreams

– Unexplained smells, such as perfume

– Whistling or heavy breathing

– Items being moved unexpectedly

I genuinely believe that these occurrences are not always meant to frighten you, but rather, they are attempts to make their presence known and perhaps, in their own way, say hello.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these phenomena, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am always willing to assist in any way I can.