What makes a great medium?

What qualities define a skilled medium? Mediumship is both a gift and a calling, bestowed upon individuals from all walks of life. However, it is not a talent that comes effortlessly; it demands unwavering dedication and countless hours of practice over the course of many years. We are all born with the potential to connect with the spirit realm, but it requires immense mental and emotional commitment. This journey can be long and arduous, often leading to frustration. Yet, with time and perseverance, one can cultivate the following essential traits:

1. Confidence: A good medium must possess unwavering self-assurance in their abilities and trust in the messages they receive from the spirit world.

2. Trust: Building a strong connection with the spirit realm necessitates trust, both in oneself and in the guidance received.

3. Discipline: Mediumship demands discipline, as it requires consistent practice and a commitment to honing one’s skills.

4. Patience: Developing mediumship abilities is a gradual process that requires patience, as growth and understanding come with time.

5. Empathy: A deep sense of empathy is crucial for mediums, as they must understand and relate to the grief, loss, and personal struggles experienced by others.

6. Self-understanding: To effectively communicate with spirits, mediums must first understand themselves, their strengths, and their limitations.

7. Commitment: Dedication to the craft of mediumship is vital, as it requires ongoing learning, growth, and refinement.

By embodying these qualities and dedicating themselves to extensive practice, individuals can become proficient mediums. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards are worth it. The key to successful mediumship lies in a genuine love for the work and a profound understanding of the human experience, including its hardships. Additionally, interpersonal skills play a significant role, as mediums must ensure they never offend their clients and leave them feeling positive and content after a reading.

Finding a reputable teacher and a comfortable learning environment is essential. If a class does not feel right, it is perfectly acceptable to seek out another. Through this process, new friendships are formed, and self-trust is strengthened. Mediumship should never be rushed, as it requires trial and error to reach perfection. It is a skill that matures and manifests over time and with age.

Life experiences serve to enrich Mediumship, much like the maturation of fine wine or cheese. As we age, our connection with the spirit world becomes more profound, drawing upon the memories and thoughts that have shaped our existence. These memories, spanning from childhood to adulthood, play out in our minds like vivid movies, influencing our ability to connect with the spiritual realm. Mastering Mediumship requires a wealth of experience and unwavering confidence in presenting our connection to the other side.

Consider this scenario: I find myself in the midst of a heart-wrenching motorbike accident involving a young teenager, whose life is tragically cut short. The memory of this devastating event lingers in my mind. Later on, a grieving mother seeks solace and connection through Mediumship, as she has also lost her son in a similar motorbike accident. Although the individuals involved are not the same, the image of that tragic passing resonates within me, intensifying my connection to the spirit world.

As I open myself up to the mother’s presence, the shared experience of witnessing such a profound loss allows me to empathize deeply with her pain. The memory of the accident becomes a conduit, enhancing my ability to connect with her son’s spirit and provide comfort and healing during this difficult time.

In this way, our own life experiences, even those filled with tragedy, can serve as a powerful catalyst for Mediumship. They enable us to forge a profound connection with those who have experienced similar losses, offering solace, understanding, and a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.

Similarly, let’s say I had an uncle who battled with alcoholism throughout his life. During another Mediumship encounter, someone seeks my guidance, seeking solace and understanding regarding their own father’s struggles with alcoholism. In this instance, my uncle may manifest himself in my mind, offering a familiar face and a shared experience that can help me connect with the person seeking solace.

These examples highlight how our personal experiences, both traumatic and transformative, become intertwined with our Mediumship abilities. They shape our understanding, allowing us to empathize and connect with those who seek our assistance from the spirit world.

Each medium has their unique approach and learns at their own pace. Confidence is the cornerstone of mediumship, as it fosters trust not only in oneself but also in the spirit world and the messages they convey to loved ones. Taking breaks from development is perfectly acceptable, as burnout can occur. These breaks allow for rejuvenation and often lead to enhanced mediumship abilities.

Empathy: In the realm of Mediumship, empathy holds immense significance, particularly when it comes to comforting those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. During times of hardship, many individuals seek solace and guidance from mediums and spiritual practitioners. It is crucial to recognize that these individuals are often in a state of desperation and vulnerability. Therefore, working with them requires exceptional people skills and a wealth of experience.

As a medium, it is our responsibility to provide reassurance and convey the well-being of their departed loved ones in the spirit world. This involves presenting them with detailed and profound information that only the spirit world and their loved ones would know. Sharing specific details such as names, dates, birthdays, and other personal information serves as vital evidence, instilling confidence and trust in the connection being made.

By demonstrating our ability to access such intimate and unique knowledge, we offer a sense of validation and comfort to those seeking our guidance. This requires a deep understanding of human emotions, effective communication, and the ability to navigate sensitive situations with utmost care and compassion. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a healing experience and bring peace to those who are grieving.


Spirit guides: Play a vital role in a medium’s readings. Regular meditation to connect with these guides and calm the mind is invaluable. It is crucial to remain humble and level-headed, as ego can hinder mediumship. The focus should always be on the work itself, striving for excellence. Ego has no place in this practice.

To those who aspire to further their mediumship development, I urge you to consider the insights shared in this blog. There will be days when you feel like giving up, questioning your purpose in this path. However, remember that you have chosen this journey for a reason. Push through the difficult days, for even professional mediums experience them. Tomorrow always holds the promise of a better day.

Never surrender.